Who is Bismack Biyambo

For the last three months or so, I've been going through various mock drafts and checking out the players.  Seth has run some features here about various players that could be possibly be selected by the Suns, but not recently.  After we lost the lottery, I went to check out NBADraft.net, to see who they predict we'd take.  I was suprised that I'd never heard the name before: Bismack Biyambo.

Biyambo is the definition of raw, but also of upside.  The guy is a freak, and he turned a lot of heads at the Nike Hoops Summit.   We don't know a lot about him, but his freakish athleticism and PF position makes my pants wiggle a little bit.  Here's his NBADraft.net profile.

Now as Scott Howard has written, the Suns are in lottery wasteland.  In that case, and considering where the Suns current situation (i.e. lacking athleticism or players with high upside), it makes sense to me that were a player with a huge upside like Biyambo available, that the Suns should take the risk and draft him.  What do you guys think?

Should the Suns risk another draft bust on a under-scouted player with high upside?

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