NBA Draft Combine 2011: Open Thread

 Markieff Morris, during the second half at the Southwest regional final game in the NCAA college basketball tournament on Sunday, March 27, 2011, in San Antonio. VCU won 71-61. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

If you happen to be watching this - here's an open thread for you!  It's already been going for an hour or two, so sorry this is late.

Coverage is shown on ESPNU or

Let's face it - picking at 13 in this year's draft isn't exactly a score for the Suns this year.  Despite the fact that this pick will be the highest pick our franchise has had/kept since we drafted Amare Stoudemire at #9... the draft talent pool is terrible in comparison to years past.  So watch this combine and read the draft rumors in the coming month with a lot of curbed enthusiasm.

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