NBA Playoff Action and Draft Lottery Open Thread - Tuesday, May 17. Who Will Get Lucky?


The Mavs and Thunder open the Western Conference Finals tonight in Dallas but before that, the non-playoff teams of the season will participate in the draft lottery to determine their position in next month's draft. Former center Mark West will represent the Suns at the event. Our own Seth Pollack explains some of the poor luck the Suns have had in franchise history. Maybe that string will be broken tonight.

On the court, the Mavs will ask former Sun Shawn Marion to guard Kevin Durant. SB Nation's Maurice London breaks down the rest of the matchups in this series. The Mavs have had 8 days off since sweeping the Lakers, the Thunder only 1 since eliminating the Grizzlies. Will that difference in rest matter?

NBA Draft Lottery, 5:30PM PDT, ESPN

Thunder at Mavs, 6:00PM PDT, ESPN

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