NBA Playoff Action Open Thread - Tuesday, May 10. Shoot First, Ask Questions Later.

There's only one game on the schedule for tonight, and while it should be compelling as the Bulls and Hawks square off in Chicago in their pivotal game 5 tied 2-2, this series has left some (including myself) less than enthused due to the amount of isolation play and generally sloppy offense we've seen. We're spoiled by watching Steve Nash run an offense, aren't we?


There was lots of talk in the game thread last night about Russell Westbrook taking too many shots, as he took 33 FGAs and dished only 5 assists to score 40 points. Well check out what league MVP Derrick Rose has done in his 9 playoff games so far:

  • 25.8 PPG, 7.7 APG
  • 88-218 FGs, 40.4% (9.7-24.2 FGs per game)
  • 16-62 3PT shots, 25.8% (1.8-6.8 3s per game)

7.7 assists per game is respectable for a PG, but 24 FGAs per game, only making 40% of them? And nearly 7 3-ptrs per game when he's only hitting 26%? For comparison's sake, in the postseasons after Nash won each of his 2 MVPs, he attempted only 17.9 FGs per game in 04-05 to go with 11.3 APG, and 14.55 FGAs per game in 05-06 to go with 10.2 APG. Nash's FG%s were 52%/39% in 04-05 and 50%/37% in 05-06. No surprise here. Nash set up his teammates better, shot less and was much more efficient when he chose to shoot. After all, he's Steve Nash.

Speaking of shot selection, Josh Smith was under fire for his lack of judgment in this area before he seemed to see the light and take it to the basket in the second half of game 4. Will "good Josh Smith" show up tonight, or will it be "bombs away!" from outside again?

Tonight's game: Hawks at Bulls, 5PM, TNT. Series tied 2-2.

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