NBA Playoff Action Open Thread - Friday, May 6. Pound Another Nail.

After an inexplicable day off right as action had reached dramatic points in the series, playoff games return today as the Bulls and Hawks vie for the lead in their series, tied 1-1. But, we all know the game that has us Suns fans ready to celebrate more than last night's Cinco de Mayo festivities did. The Mavericks can take full command of their series at home against the Lakers, up 2-0 and with the Lakers missing the suspended Ron Artest. One could call Artest's cheap shot on JJ Barea "Horry-esque", but Artest has a long enough rap sheet that his punkish behavior doesn't need to be compared to anyone else's. It stands on its own.


If the prospect of Josh Smith on the Suns gives you that special feeling, I suggest you read this. Warning: It might act as a cold shower.

The Lakers and their fans can take solace in the fact that it is possible for a team to come back from losing their first two games at home to win the series and go on to make the Finals. OK, that might not have provided much comfort to Lakers fans, but it sure made me feel good.

Tonight's games:

Bulls at Hawks, 4PM PDT, ESPN. Series tied 1-1.

Lakers at Mavericks, 6:30PM PDT, ESPN. Mavericks lead series 2-0.

Vamos! (Since we had no Cinco de Mayo games, Seis de Mayo will have to do.)

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