NBA Playoff Action Open Thread - Tuesday, May 3. Bad Blood.

Those of you who enjoyed the chippiness and minor confrontations in the first game of the Heat-Celtics series should get to see plenty more of that as the series progresses. These two teams genuinely dislike each other, and the events leading to the Paul Pierce ejection were likely only the beginning.

In the Grizzlies-Thunder series, the Thunder will try to find an answer for Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol, who combined for 54 points and 23 rebounds in game 1. Oklahoma City will need some of that defense Kendrick Perkins was supposed to bring to avoid going down 2-0 at home.


Tonight's games:

Boston at Miami, 4PM PDT, TNT. Heat lead series 1-0

Memphis at Oklahoma City, 6:30PM PDT, TNT. Grizzlies lead series 1-0.


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