NBA Playoff Action Open Thread - Monday, May 2. In Full Swing

The second round continues tonight as the Hawks try to extend their playoff run after surprising the Magic in round one. They travel to Chicago to face the Bulls in tonight's early game. Later, the Mavericks visit LA to take on the Lakers, kicking off a series featuring aging teams who might soon be watching their championship windows close.


The folks at Blog a Bull are brimming with confidence that the Bulls shouldn't have much trouble defeating the Hawks. That Kirk Hinrich might miss the series with his strained hamstring gives reason for confidence.

LJ Rotter at Mavs Moneyball notes that the matchup between Dirk Nowitzki and Pau Gasol will loom large in the Mavs-Lakers series.

Atlanta at Chicago, 5PM PDT, TNT

Dallas at LA Lakers, 7:30PM PDT, TNT


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