NBA Playoff Action Open Thread - Sunday, May 1. Second Round Begins.

After a first round that was more intriguing than could be expected with only one sweep and the #1 seed in the West going down, the NBA Playoffs roll into the second round today as the Grizzlies, fresh off their upset of the Spurs, face the Thunder in Oklahoma City.

In the Eastern Conference semifinals, the defending conference champion Celtics take on the Heat, a team that staged a ridiculous celebration as if they had already won a championship to announce two free agent signings last summer.


The trade for Kendrick Perkins should help the Thunder immensely in this series, as Perkins' vaunted low-post defense and toughness are just what is needed to counter the Grizzlies powerful front line of Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol.

On the other end of that trade, the Celtics are counting on Jeff Green to help defend LeBron James. This should be an intense, competitive series, but when it comes to the Celtics and Heat, I'm sure a large percentage of Suns fans feel this way.

Today's games:

Memphis at Oklahoma City, 10AM PDT, ABC.

Boston at Miami, 12:30PM PDT, ABC.


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