NBA Playoff Action Open Thread - Wednesday, April 27. Move Along.

Three teams face game 5s with 3-1 deficits today, and two of them will try to stay alive on the road as underdogs. Good luck to them, but I suspect the 76ers and Nuggets will have plenty of time to plan tropical vacations after tonight. I'd love to see the Grizzlies finish off the Spurs, but I have to think the Spurs have 1 more win in them.


The folks at Pounding the Rock are defiant that the Spurs aren't finished yet.

Fans at Peninsula is Mightier figure the Heat will jump on the 76ers early and never look back.

Our old friend Dogburt at Welcome to Loud City is confident in a closeout win for the Thunder as well.

Keith Smart was let go as head coach of the Golden State Warriors today, after one season in which the team improved by 10 wins, from 26 in 09-10 to 36 this year. This story contains some supposed candidates to replace him. Also, for what it's worth, Ric Bucher threw out the name of Phil Jackson for the job on ESPN Radio this morning, as it seems a foregone conclusion Jackson will leave the Lakers after this season. Apparently, Jackson has family in the Bay Area. Feel free to give this crazy rumor more conversation than it deserves.

Tonight's Games:

Philadelphia at Miami, 4PM, TNT. Heat lead series 3-1

Memphis at San Antonio, 5:30PM NBATV. Grizzlies lead series 3-1

Denver at Oklahoma City, 6:30PM, TNT. Thunder lead series 3-1


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