NBA Playoff Action Open Thread - Tuesday, April 26. End of the Line?

The Orlando Magic are in big trouble, down 3-1 to the Hawks and getting dependable production from only Dwight Howard. Can any of their trade deadline pickups from Phoenix bring anything to the table tonight to avoid elimination? Paging Mr. Turkoglu and Mr. Richardson: whattaya got? Even gunslinging Gilbert Arenas came through for 20 points in game 4 for the Magic.

Meanwhile, one has to think the Pacers have won their single token game and will bow out tonight, right? Lakers-Hornets game 5 goes back to LA, where the Lakers look to me to be in one of those situations (Kobe banged up, whispers about poor team chemistry) that will end up with them winning the next two games, and then everyone will forget they ever struggled. Nothing would make me happier than to be wrong about this.


  • It seems like an awfully long time ago that Jason Richardson and Hedo Turkoglu began the season in the Suns starting lineup. J-Rich is averaging only 8.7 points and 5.3 rebounds per game so far in the playoffs for the Magic, on a terrible 30% shooting from the field. Not to be outdone in the race to the bottom, Turkoglu is scoring 7.8 points and pulling down 4 rebounds per game on 23% shooting from the field. Any Suns fans missing either of them right now?
  • Pau Gasol isn't producing as well as his brother Marc Gasol so far in the playoffs. Maybe it's not quite true that the Lakers acquiring Pau for Marc was such a steal. Not that the Lakers can complain with the titles Pau helped them win, but this trade has been portrayed as lopsided to the point of being unfair, and that's not turned out to be the case.
  • Derrick Rose doesn't expect his sprained ankle to be a problem tonight.

Game times:

Atlanta at Orlando, 4:30PM PDT, NBA TV. Hawks lead series 3-1

Indiana at Chicago, 5:00PM PDT, TNT. Bulls lead series 3-1

New Orleans at LA Lakers, 7:30PM PDT, TNT. Series tied 2-2


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