NBA Playoff Action Open Thread - Saturday, April 23. Day of Reckoning.

There's a strong chance we'll have our first team eliminated from the playoffs today, as the Bulls play for the sweep in Indiana. Will the Pacers go down swinging, or whimpering? Later, the Blazers try to even up their series with the Mavs at 2 in what will be a loud, raucous Rose Garden in Portland, the Grizzlies and Spurs square off in a pivotal game 3 tied at 1, and the Nuggets try to get up off the mat at home against the Thunder, down 2-0.


Those of you who covet Arron Afflalo for the Suns should get a chance to see him in action today, as the Denver Post reports that he's likely to return from his hamstring injury.

Manu Ginobili doesn't enjoy the brace on his right elbow, but he's fortunate it was his non-shooting arm that was injured since he almost certainly wouldn't be able to play had it been his left elbow.

Brandon Roy came alive for 16 points in game 3 for the Blazers, after his lack of playing time and production nearly brought him to tears following game 2.

Today's games:

Chicago at Indiana, 11:30AM PDT, TNT. Bulls lead series 3-0

Dallas at Portland, 2:00PM PDT, TNT. Mavericks lead series 2-1

San Antonio at Memphis, 4:30PM, ESPN. Series tied 1-1

Oklahoma City at Denver, 7:00PM, ESPN. Thunder lead series 2-0


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