NBA Playoff Action Open Thread - Thursday, April 21. Signs of Life?

Three series with the favorites leading 2-0 continue tonight, as the underdogs attempt to claw their way back in on their home floors. Let's be honest; the Pacers and 76ers don't look like playoff teams. Did anyone ever expect them to put up much resistance against the Bulls and Heat? The Pacers have been frisky, but the Bulls made the plays to win down the stretch of each game so far. The 76ers are not in anywhere close to the same class as the Heat.

The Blazers are another story. Their series with the Mavericks was seen by many, myself included, as a prime opportunity for a first round upset. After failing to grab one of the first two games in Dallas, the Blazers' backs are up against the wall now and they face a must-win tonight.  If they win the next two at home to even the series, which certainly isn't out of the question, then the series is on. Lose tonight and they can start planning an early vacation and ponder what to try to do with Brandon Roy (who the Suns are NOT acquiring, despite some suggestions here to the contrary).

So, come on, Blazers. Make things interesting. Pacers and 76ers? Try to avoid the sweep.

Tonight's matchups:

Chicago at Indiana, 4PM PST, NBA TV. Bulls lead series 2-0

Miami at Philadelphia, 5PM PST, TNT. Heat lead series 2-0

Dallas at Portland, 7:30PM PST, TNT. Mavericks lead series 2-0


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