Bulls and Heat show world how to play basketball

The third night of NBA playoff action saw the Bulls and Heat both take 2-0 leads in their respective series.


First round game 2 - Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacers: 96-90


Chicago 17 27 23 29  96


Indiana 18 29 20 23   90




  • Points: D.Rose (CHI) 36, D.Granger (IND) 19
  • Rebounds: C.Boozer (CHI) 16, T.Hansbrough/J.McRoberts (IND) 6
  • Assists: D.Rose (CHI) 6, M.Dunleavy/D.Granger (IND) 4


The Indiana Pacers pushed the Chicago Bulls to the limit in game 1, ensuring that the number 1 team in the East didn't have an easy ride and game 2 was no different. Despite the loss of Darren Collinson to a 2nd quarter injury, the Pacers pulled together to keep the game close going into the final quarter before Kyle Korver did his best John Paxson/Steve Kerr/Average-white-guy-who-can-shoot-when-needed-to impression for the second game in a row and canned a three with just over a minute to go to give the Bulls a 5 point lead and ultimately, the win.


  • Over at Blog-a-Bull, Bulls fans have pretty much adopted the same demeanour as their leader, Rose, and aren't getting carried away with their 2-0 lead.
  • At Indy Cornrows, the fans are happy that their team hasn't embarrassed them and has actually put on a good showing.


First round game 2 - Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers: 94-73

Miami 19 30 26 19 94

Philly  13 18 21 21 73



  • Points: L.James (MIA) 29, T.Young (PHI) 18
  • Rebounds: C.Bosh (MIA) 11, A.Iguodala (PHI) 7
  • Assists: L.James (MIA) 6, A.Iguodala (PHI) 7

Yawn... this Heat team can be pretty boring when they're this good. They pounce on teams early and make the game a cake walk for themselves. For Philly, they really need Iguodala to play well for them to have a chance of even taking a game in this series. Until that happens, the main point of interest to follow is how far back Lebron will push his headband in order to disguise his hugely receding hairline. We can see it Lebron, we can see it.


Over at Peninsula is mightier, Heat fans are use to performances of extreme comfort such as game 2 and it shows.

Who said 76ers fans can be brutal? On Liberty Ballers the game recap actually includes a 'Good-Bad' list. Only one player makes the list. He's joined by a soft drink and a phrase. You heard me.


Dallas - Portland, NYK - Boston and Atlanta – Orlando tonight...I hate the play-offs without the Suns in it.

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