NBA Playoff Action Open Thread - Monday, April 18

Great set of games last night! We saw upsets, beastly performances from elite players like Chris Paul and Kevin Durant, and Amare lead his new team to the brink of a game 1 upset at Boston, only to have to ball given to the "clutch" Carmelo Anthony down the stretch as the Knicks lost.

Will tonight's games be as entertaining? On the surface, probably not, unless Jrue Holiday and Danny Granger excite you. Nevertheless, Derrick Rose is always worth watching, as are the Heat for the chance that they might lose.

On the slate for tonight:

Philadelphia at Miami, TNT, 4PM PDT. Heat lead series 1-0.

Indiana at Chicago, TNT, 6:30PM PDT. Bulls lead series 1-0.

You know what to do.


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