Final 2011 Gamethread: Spurs At Suns, 7:30 AZ Time

Phoenix Suns' Steve Nash comes off the court during the fourth quarter of Game 4 of a Western Conference semifinals NBA basketball series, Sunday, May 9, 2010 in San Antonio. Nash's right eye needed six stitches after taking an errant elbow from Tim Duncan. Phoenix won 107-101, winning the series 4-0. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Remember this?

[Note by Seth Pollack, 04/13/11 6:59 PM MST ]

Final Game Notes:


  • The Spurs are playing all their guys. The thinking is they want top seeding against the Bulls if it comes to that.
  • To counter the Spurs top players, Vince Carter will go. He warmed up and declared himself "able".
  • Gentry is picking the Heat to win the East
  • Talked to Gani Lawal, he was in a great mood. He ran on the treadmill today for the first time. He said his knee is about a month ahead of schedule and he'll be staying in Phoenix to work on his rehab until the lock out
  • Gani said he expects to be 100% by July or early August and is dying to play. He's bulked up a bit and looks ripped. He is going to enroll in some classes at Georgia Tech in July to work on finishing his degree in business/finance. Good to hear from him
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