Phoenix Suns Visit Minnesota Timberwolves 5PM AZ Time


It's the end of the season as we know it and I'm not fine.... Lets face it, no playoffs, Suns are done, it's over. Is it even worth our time to sit back and watch these remaining, meaningless games? Why bother? What's the point? Is there one? The Suns suck and if Scott Howard is right which he unfortunately tends to be, then their future may suck too.

Yet, for some reason I still find myself having to say in the voice of Ferris Bueller, "You're still here? It's over. Go home. Go."

...and nobody listens.

Maybe that's just because it's me (doubt it) or it's because true fans love their team and will fall and rise with them no matter what. Well, I think it's because...actually I have no ideal, so I made a poll.

Anyway, I got some good stuff for you guys today, so check it out!

A Suns And Timberwolves Matchup!

In other words, I bring you a "winnable" game, so listen up. The (37-40) Phoenix Suns will be facing the (17-61) Minnesota Timberwolves. They've lost 11 games in a row and are currently (12-27) at home. The Suns are (16-22) on the road. That's not good, but it should be good enough to beat this team. Don't get me wrong though, this game is no cakewalk as evident by the last meeting against them. It will be tough, it will be hard, it will be difficult, it will be frustrating, it will be boring and it will drag on and on. One of these losers will come out a winner, but only for a day, so here are the match-ups worth mentioning.

Wait! Forget it, scratch that, everything I just said. I just found out that Kevin Love and Darko Milicic won't be playing. Bummer! Really this sucks, I was going to write this lovely, beautiful, knowledgeable, thoughtful, informative, insightful, mesmerizing, amazing, detailed post about the exciting match-up between Marcin Gortat and Kevin Love. I mean that's really all we had to look forward to this game, besides the awesomeness that is Steve Nash and Grant Hill as well as the expected win, but...gee, I don't know what to say anymore? Kevin Love just had to go and get hurt, he killed it..., so here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to talk about the Franco-Prussian War.


Kidding, I won't talk about that. I have a better ideal. Two ideals in fact, so bear with me.

1. Knowing how things suck right now and how the future of this franchise will probably be for the next 3 to something odd years, I did the only thing I could do and went out of my way to seek advice on how to cope through it. And I went to the best, Timberwolve fans.

Suns fan here

"How do you guys do it? How do you suck for so long? How do you continue to put forth the effort to support a crappy team night in and night out when you know the games are meaningless, when you know that you'll miss the playoffs? It's been 7 years since you last made the playoffs, 4 of those with less than 30 wins..." -Beavis

For those of you who are interested, click here for the answers and hold "Ctrl-F" and type my name, Beavis.

2. This has been done before, but not in a while. We have some new faces, monderage13, PHXMRORNG, REneer, Zentrifed, lixuec...just to name a few. BSOTS would like to know how you became a Suns fan? Well, I would like to know, plus I forgot many of the reader's stories on here as it is. Sorry, I promise to remember this time.

Alrighty than, lets do this!

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Suns fans, you know it's over, but why do you continue to watch?

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