Suns Fall To Kings 113-116


Just another typical Suns game. They played well enough to give themselves a shot in the end, but came up short.

The game was pretty straight forward from the 1st quarter through the 3rd. The Suns managed to hold a small lead through most of it, but never gained any separation. There was a whole lot of offense played, but no defense. Both teams shot over 50% and took and made a near even number of free-throws. Once again the Suns lost the rebounding battle 39-50. That was the killer as well as their inability to make a shot down the stretch. It was 110-109 Suns after Dudley hit a jumper from the right wing with about a 1:10 left to go and than Thornton hit a three to put the Kings up 112-110. Afterward Frye missed an open three and the Kings shot free throws. Suns lose 113-116. It's not surprising when you see that four of their final attempts were from the arc and none of them went in. Live and die by the three they say....

Go to give it to the Kings, they wanted this one more.

So much for dignity...

Although, the playoffs are out of the question and these games are about as meaningful as the pre-season this one still hurt. I'm not sure why, I guess when we love something and see it in pain we can't help but feel it too.


Jared Dudley- 21,5 and 5 steals. He's done very well as a starter this season. 

Marcin Gortat- 17 and 11.

Channing Frye- 21 and 9.

Josh Childress- 10 and 4 on 5-5 shooting in just 17 minutes.

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the future! This is our core going forward... Not bad, but I'd like to see them put up these numbers without Steve Nash who tallied 14 assist tonight.

Well, it sucks to not only miss the playoffs, but to fall below .500 as well. As fans all we can do is stick with our team through thick and thin and hope that they'll come to compete every night...even though we know they'll fall short in the end.

Comments of the Night

We've all reached indifference now.
Who gives a shit anymore?-NashMV3

financially capitalize on the fact that you paint your dumbass
orange and just act optimistic all the time.- Scott Howard

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