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Tell us about it, Grant. Frustrating.

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Tell us about it, Grant. Frustrating.

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Sorry this is later in the day than normal. I spent most of my day driving back from LA with my newly installed back door window.

Somewhere east of Palm Springs I took a call from Skeets and Tas from the best NBA podcast around, The Basketball Jones. You can check that out here:

Ep. 578: The Overdose | Blog Archive | The Basketball Jones | Blogs |
Join The Jones on a sonic journey as we welcome Jeff Clark from and Seth Pollack from Bright Side of the Sun to discuss the Celtics’ stifling defense, whether the Suns’ can salvage their series, working with temperamental chefs, wobbly H’s, L.A. hooliganism, if the 2010 C’s are better than the ‘08 champs, arm wrestling, encounters with Dennis Rodman, Skeets’ worst job and the return of "Dirty Talk."

Check out this video breakdown of Game 2 and let me know what you think. Kind of cool, huh?

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I couldn’t keep watching this game after the first quarter because the Suns defense is so bad. The two main culprits are Jason Richardson and Amare Stoudemire


It is painful to have to read things like this and just nod in approval. There's nothing you can say back against the truth. Amare needs to show up to this series and defend his own honor. We can't do it for him.

As Suns are finding out, strategies for defending the Lakers are disappearing by the day - Silver Screen and Roll

In last night's game, any time the ball came anywhere near the paint, Amar'e stared at it like my dog stares at me while I'm eating a steak, with uninterrupted focus. That would be alright ... in a staring contest. But, in basketball you tend to want to pay at least a modicum of attention to the guy you are supposed to be guarding, lest they decide to run towards the basket. Amar'e apparently disagrees, proving his statement about Lamar Odom absolutely true. LO is supremely lucky to have Amar'e as his "defender".



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