risk and flexibility, or, which way is up again?


The next step is a precarious one.  Where is the rock, and where is the hard place? Your guess is as good as mine (actually mine is better because I am a goat and I've been in this position before).

Where to go from here?  The Suns preached flexibility this summer.  The Suns gained flexibility this summer.  The ever-flexible Suns straddle .500, looking for a foothold to move up.  If only they could reach just a littttle farther.


They could do so with a trade at the deadline, in an attempt to instantly improve.  Of course, this would imply taking a risk, or rather, making a risky decision, which the Suns have not been adept at under Sarver.  They will make the right decision by not trading Steve Nash in a market that can return nothing close to his value.


They will do nothing but wait.  Evaluate options... Hmm... 


So escape goat, what would you do if you couldn't move up from where you are at?


I would not look down.  I would maybe move laterally, and see what opens up.  I would take a risk if it got cold enough.  Life is about taking risks to improve your position, especially when it's cold.


thank you for reading my post.


-escape goat.


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