Game Thread: Blazers At Suns, Dec 10, 7PM

Where have you been, Jason? (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

Don Ryan - AP

Where have you been, Jason? (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

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Let's get it on!

Coaches Notes:

  • 1st of 8 keys to the game in locker room -- be prepared for full court pressure
  • Asked if this was an extra important game, Gentry said they are all "must wins"
  • Gentry talked about how hard it is to play off the bench and to come into the game cold and deliver right away but the guys have to develop that mentality. This is a produce and play type rotation
  • When Robin comes back, Gentry said it's unlikely he wold immediately move back into the starting lineup but things can change. Again, Alvin said that Robin is not the calvary
  • "When you have 5 guys at 2 positions, it doesn't work out. Mathematically, it doesn't work out. " 

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