Be Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving all...

Time to put things in perspective...As I was heavily grousing about the Suns game last night (defense, rebounding and lack of a post presence), My wife looked at me with that quirky smile of hers and said..."You've had so many good Suns seasons to be thankful of, and you are mad because they are 7 & 8 this year...? Sounds kinda ungrateful, to me..."

That struck me...For the last 7 years or so, we have been blessed with great and entertaining teams...even the year of Shaq was a 46 win season....How many other fans can lay claim to that...? The Suns have been entertaining, talented, and definitely fun to watch...

So this Thanksgiving season, instead of griping because of what we perceive the Suns to be now or any shortcomings we feel they currently have, let's be thankful for all the great Suns seasons of the past...Fix your mind on Connie Hawkins and Dick Van Arsdale, put it on the memories of Paul Westphal, Walter Davis, Alvan Adams, and Dan Marjele. Contemplate the play of Larry Nance, Dennis Johnson, Jeff Hornacek, & Danny Manning...Think about Jason Kidd and marvel about KJ, Barkley and Chambers. Fix it on the wonder of Joe Johnson, STAT, and Matrix as well. Yes, even think of all the great role players the Suns have employed such as Eddie Johnson, Kurt Rambis & Mark West. Be ye eternally thankful for Steve Nash, Grant Hill and all that the Suns have done these many years...!

Tomorrow you can resume your grousing if you must...But today, we are thankful!

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