Is it time to bench Robin Lopez?

Discounting his solid performance against the Lakers [in a loss I might add], Robin Lopez has been non-existent this young season. A lot was expected of him based on his solid improvement last year. This was a that looked like he was destined to play with Taylor Griffin in Venezuela, but turned himself into  someone that actually has a chance at being a starting center in this league. 

While I am not lost on the fact that we are only seven games into the season, I am still concerned with his lack of play. Sure, he could use his back as an excuse. Or he could claim that he isn't in great shape right now. However, I don't believe that those are acceptable responses to his pitiful play. He has had plenty of time to recover from his injuries and get back into shape.

I am sure I will hear how back injuries are difficult [one ended my career BTW, so I am very familiar]. Yet I am more concerned that if his injuries are plaguing him, the Suns have a real problem on their hands. Like it or not, the Suns need Lopez to produce more than they need anyone else. He NEEDS to rebound and defend the post. He needs to be able to pick and roll without turning it over. He needs to be effective. But he is not.

For now, it is my opinion that he needs to be on the bench as a message to him. I am fairly certain that he is the type of player that a good benching will ignite a fire within his belly. For now, Frye or Warrick needs to start and Lopez should have to earn his way back. 

What should we do with the Fropez?

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