Irresponsible Reporting And Nash 'Trade Rumors'

So I'm watching the Suns-Grizzlies, randomly logging on ESPN, and I see one of the lead stories on the NBA page is . . .


So, after a flurry of curse words, I clock on the link (a podcast with Ric Bucher)  and listen intently . . . .

And here's the gist of what I here:

HOST: "So, tell me some suprising names on the trade block, some names people haven't heard of yet"

BUCHER: "Well, Steve Nash for one"

HOST: "Steve NASH?? (My reaction as well)

BUCHER: "Well, sure, Steve Nash. The Suns have lost a couple games, they started out horribly . . . I think I overestimated how good Steve Nash is, and if the Suns are gonna rebuild and get anything out of him, they have to trade him now"

HOST: "I should be asking a question like, when/how did you hear this? Why has no-one ever mentioned this? Isn't this an completely unneccesary hypothetical, since the Suns have never said they were rebuilding?  Should I mention any of this, or should I laugh like a jackass and move on without any journalistic integrity? (I may have done some editorializing there, myself)?

Seriously, that was it.  And it was a leading story on ESPN.  

WTF? How was this anything more than a shameless attempt to get people to listen to a shitty podcast?

So here's my question : Were we better off before round the clock sports coverage? 

To me, blogs like this are fine, because they basically serve as bar room conversations - they're obviously biased, fun conversations. But are we better off with round the clock ESPN coverage? Does it take away from the sport, when fans get more excited about trades and drafts (as seen by the Nash headline) than the actual games?

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