About a month ago, the Phoenix Suns had suddenly launched themselves headfirst into the LaMarcus Aldridge free agency foray. With a strong pitch that included the surprise of new acquisition Tyson...

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You know how it is. You get on a rant, and then your social media followers push it to a whole new level.

There's a reason most celebrities don't engage their followers on twitter or any other social media. When you engage thousands of people at once, you're bound to get your buttons pushed by at least a few of them.

Yesterday, Marcus Morris felt the itch to tweak Suns fans with a few choice comments.

I'm blocking most of the Suns fans on my timeline most of them bandwagon any way . I still got love for some #foe

— Marcus Morris (@MookMorris2) July 31, 2015

Lol why everybody tweeting me has 30 followers and there profile pic Is an egg? Lol I have no win

— Marcus Morris (@MookMorris2) July 31, 2015

Which of course, incited a few of them, which in turn got Marcus all worked up even more.

Dam I haven't tweeted this much ever lol!! I'm done though have fun with your fun lives phx fans!! Not all though u know who u are #foe

— Marcus Morris (@MookMorris2) July 31, 2015

John Gambodoro got into it with Marcus a bit, with them tweeting each other a few times in hilarious fashion. Gambo won that one with this final comment.

@MookMorris2 I was waiting to take you to the airport. The ride was on the house!!! pic.twitter.com/O5c2dmGnrb

— John Gambadoro (@Gambo987) July 31, 2015

@MookMorris2 When is the next court date? I can give you a ride then.

— John Gambadoro (@Gambo987) July 31, 2015

Keef on the move?

Marcus eventually got so worked up, he either blustered a little too far or let the cat out of the bag about his brother Markieff.


Later, he said it again


He concluded the day with a promise to see us all in November.

See yall in November #foe ??#badboy13 I hope the @Suns well !

— Marcus Morris (@MookMorris2) July 31, 2015

What does this mean?

Who knows what Marcus meant about Keef there. He probably just meant that Keef is still pissed off just like him, and that they are both calling the Suns clowns.

It could also mean that Keef, who hadn't yet spoken to the Suns as of a week ago, demanded a trade through his agent.

Morrii brought this on themselves

With fights, techs, benchings, the Morris brothers made this happen

That doesn't mean there is a trade in the works, necessarily. And it doesn't mean the Suns are going to listen to Keef's agent while he's being a baby about this.

But if you're a believer that smoke = fire, Marcus blew a LOT of smoke at us yesterday.

“At the same time it’s a business, so forget Phoenix,” Marcus Morris said at his introductory press conference with the Detroit Pistons a few weeks ago. “For them to trade me...

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UPDATE: Marcus Morris deleted many of his tweets from yesterday. However, you can still read some of the quotes of what he said below. — Ah the internet. The internet is a magical place where...

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The Suns’ change at the top of basketball operations will not be the biggest life change for General Manager Ryan McDonough.


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